CBSE Class 10th biology Important Questions PDF

CBSE Class 10th biology Important Questions
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CBSE Class 10th biology Important Questions PDF

CBSE Class 10th biology Important Questions: Below article Focuses on various important questions for class 10th Science biology CBSE students for the final preparation of examination. Questions are more preferable for the advanced preparation for the exam.

All the below questions updated by our experienced faculty and an experienced team for providing you with the best preparation for your final examination. The below articles contains all the important questions which are mostly and have maximum chances for asking in the examination.

So go through the below article for the most important questions for class 10th Science biology.

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CBSE Class 10th biology Important Questions

  1. Name the tissue that transports water and minerals in plants.
  2. What is the role of acid in our stomach ?
  3. What is emulsification ?
  4. Name the cell organelle in which photosynthesis occur.
  5. Name the largest artery in the human body.
  6. List the three events which occur during photosynthesis.
  7. How does transpiration help in upward transport of substances.
  8. Write the functions of the components of blood.
  9. Why is small intestine longer in herbivores than in carnivores ?
  10. Explain the cause of cramps after excessive physical exercise.
  11. What is the benefit of residual volume of air in the respiratory process ?
  12. Why is the energy needs in plants is very less as compared to animals ? Explain.
  13. Draw a well-labelled diagram of Nephron. Explain the process of formation of urine in the human kidney.
  14. What is synapse ?
  15. What are tropic movements ?
  16. Which part of the brain is responsible for maintaining posture and balance of our body ?
  17. Which hormone has inhibiting effects on growth of plants ?
  18. Why is it advisable to use iodised salt ?
  19. What are sensory and motor neurons ? Write their functions.
  20. Why is Abscisic acid called as stress hormone ?
  21. Draw a labelled diagram of human brain and state the functions of its different parts.
  22. What are hormones ? Give the name of associated gland and functions of different animal hormones.
  23. What is feedback mechanism ? Explain its working with the help of one example.
  24. What type of reproduction takes place in plasmodium ?
  25. Define vegetative propagation.
  26. Where is DNA present in a cell ?
  27. Name the glands associated with male reproductive system.
  28. What is menstruation ?
  29. Name the different constituents of semen.
  30. Draw a well-labelled diagram of male reproductive system.
  31. What is pre-natal sex determination ? Why is it banned ?
  32. Variation is beneficial to the species but not necessarily for the individual. Give three reasons to justify it.

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