How to Become Topper in School

How to Become Topper in School
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How to Become Topper in School

In this Era, every student wants to become a topper. So just some steps to follow for becoming a topper.

  1. The question arises that why does this Era has a large amount number of average student? Because they are dumb? The answer is no pause the chose to remain stupid it’s not an affliction. We know that practice in itself a hard work if you want to become a topper in class you have to study cool be careful what you are doing a unique and cool do study with interest, not with the stupid mind.
  2. The problem with the most of the student is not that they are not planned for this, they want to do study whenever they decide but at last, moment do something else. You want to study but some friends come to your place and many distractions around you in forms of people, friends as we all know that we are living in modernization ERA so everyone wants Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and at the end any other online apps which make destruction in our study. So friends leave this all online gadgets which affect our studies while we are preparing for board exam study smart, not stupid. The great man says priorities are at least a man to glory and to the destruction.
  3. Dear friend while studying you have to plan it’s no mystery you have to forecast it needs isolation self-questioning, self-estimation recognition of goals, the period of timings, scheduling the capacity of work and the work to be done all this thing automatically figured out by simply sitting and planning.
  4. Choose best for your life don’t want best for our self but the best have two different definitions costly best for you and best for your life many things in our life is best for us but not best for our life. Dear not prepare for percentage only prepare for your life.
  5. Start learning from your mistakes, in fact lowering your standards in an educational system. We have many exams test; we have to make reports etc. Your expectation is the most credible and assignment of your abilities done by your mind so if you underperforming Institute of accepting the result as your standard learn what the mistake was where you lacked friends to boost your confidence.
  6. So a friend last but not the least always get motivated by yourself only you will find your mistakes daily and correct them and get motivated by your parents as well as your teachers, listen to all but do what your mind says.

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