1. Refund Policy :
    VEA provides its services with commitment to the students and other stakeholders. However some times, some students cannot adjust to the VEA systems and environment due to reasons beyond control of VEA/student. VEA follows a refund policy for such cases within a strictly fixed time frame, as follows:
    • Student has to submit a written application for refund of fees to the centre manager in the requisite format.
    • The center manager after discussion with the student/parents/other stake-holders may try to work-out a solution to the problems faced by the student and if needed may allow the student to discontinue from VEA and Refund the fees as per following time frame only.
    • Refund application is made Deductions
      11th,12th, 12th +
      Board Only
      9th& 10th
      6th, 7th, 8th
      Within 10 days of date of Joining Rs. 7000/- Rs. 4000/- Rs. 4000/- Rs. 3000/-
      Within 20 days of date of Joining Rs. 16000/- Rs. 7000/- Rs. 7000/- Rs. 5000/-
      Within 30 days of date of Joining Rs. 25000/- Rs. 9000/- Rs. 9000/- Rs. 7000/-
      On or After 31st Days of date of Joining No refund will be allowed under any circumstances.
    • All students studying in VEA have to complete payments of instalments as stipulated in the table given in the welcome letter.
    • After 30 days from the date of joining a student has to submit the remaining instalments by PDC.
    • Any students discontinuing from VEA after 30 days of joining will have to pay 100% of Fees as given in the table of welcome letter. Any pending PDCs will be presented for collection and in-case PDCs are returned by the bank for any reason then appropriate legal action will be initiated.

Why Vijay ?

Live Coaching View for Parents

Vijay Education Academy takes pride to introduce “Live Coaching View” first of its kind in India, for parents. Using this facility, they can be assured of our commitment towards teaching quality and environment.

In-depth Teaching Methodology

Team Vijay is well-versed with competent teaching techniques and is committed towards delivering excellence. Students are taught basic, fundamental concepts and encouraged to apply it smartly to solve the problems. This not only helps them to perform well in their school curriculum but also develop study strategies to prepare for competitive exams.

Systematic Approach

At the onset, students are made to understand the fundamentals and basics of the subject, after which the technical and detailed parts are taught. Regular test-series are scheduled to analyse students’ comprehension levels. Test answers, its variations and every student’s performance are discussed in lengths to help him/her perform better in the next exam.

Qualified and Experienced Faculty

Faculties from Indore, Delhi, Haryana, Kota and other cities form pillars of the Academy. These intelligent minds are known for their perfection and dedication. Qualified, competent, caring, motivated and accountable teaching members ensure positive and upward movement of the students.

Rendering Education with Values

At Vijay Education Academy, students are provided with an environment to help their personal growth, knowledge base and career sailing. The faculty members believe in the inherent talent and abilities of the students and motivate them to deliver perfection.

Unmatched Results

Vijay Education Academy is successful due to its versatile teaching approaches and student focussed strategies. Numerous students have made it to the prestigious IIT, elite NDA and prominent medical examinations. Consistent selections in NTSE, KYPY, IAPT Olympiads highlight our dedication towards education.

Personal Attention

We follow “Wholesome” policy for teaching, which not only includes intelligent and above-average students but students with average intelligence too.

Competitive and Learning Environment

We boast of our exhaustive collection of practise questions and relevant study material. Students are provided with smart study strategies to manage their course and time schedule. Students are always encouraged to ask their doubts in the class. We believe in making technocrats imbibed with virtues of responsible achievers.

Fee Concession

To make learning affordable, scholarship exams like VTSE, ACST & others are conducted regularly to assess potential of the students. In addition to these exams, special grants are available for children of farmers and teachers, girl students and physically challenged students.Our endeavour is to support and motivate each and every deserving student.