Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.

Mr. Vijay Singh Yadav (Founder Director)

We are here to guide, provide expertise and train young minds. We strongly believe in each and every learner who has a zeal to perform and spunk to move ahead. We feel proud to provide guidance to students who are ready to take up challenges and prove their worth in today’s competitive environment. Highly inspired by the philosophy of S.Ramanujan, India’s renowned Mathematician, we work on the concept of making complex problems easy and approachable. He motivates us to simplify the given situation.

Vijay Education Academy is a well- established name in the field of educational support and guidance. We are providing finest guidance, impeccable results and student-friendly environment for last 14 years. Our teaching philosophy revolves around long term focus of empowering students rather a short-term problem solving strategy. This unique approach not only solves the questions but also empowers students with a positive thinking and helps overcome anxiety when faced with new subjects. Apart from innovative teaching techniques, our classes are characterised by their fun, energy and wholesome approach. We take pride in each and every student’s and parent’s success and believe in making this association stronger in coming years.

Mr. Vijay Singh Yadav
Founder Director
Vijay Education Academy